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Inside Edition: Ali Rosen- Legendary Chef and Traveler Anthony Bourdain Dies At 61: The Man Who Saw and Lived The World


Source: Inside Edition– Legendary chef and traveler Anthony Bourdain

Source: The New Democrat

When I first heard about Anthony Bourdain’s show Parts Unknown coming to CNN in 2013 or 14, I thought this was another one of those so-called reality TV shows where the lead character is some loudmouth who makes an asshole out of himself ( to be frank ) in order to gain ratings. I’m not a fan of what’s called reality TV generally, except for what’s actually reality TV which are documentary programs even documentaries about Hollywood, so I was thinking Parts Unknown is not something I’m going to be interested in.


Source: USA Today– Legendary chef and traveler Anthony Bourdain

But so-called reality TV is wasn’t Tony Bourdain’s show and what he wanted to communicate to people. He was a food and cultural documentarian who traveled the world to show people what other people eat and how they live. Who brought people together over good meals and got to learn about them by experiencing them, what they eat, the sites and sounds of their countries. And then he would show everyone else what he learned about Vietnam, Italy, Ecuador, Cuba, and wherever else he would travel to.


Source: The Chive– One of Anthony Bourdain’s best quotes

In a country and world where we’re so divided mainly on political and cultural grounds and now unfortunately even by race, ethnicity, and class, Bourdain brought different together with food and cultural. And showed millions of Americans and people outside of America, that even with all of our differences that we can still share a great meal together, get to know each other and realize we’re not that strange from one another after all.

I’m not a cook and all I know about food and cooking is that food can taste really good, it can taste really bad, and generally somewhere in between, in less you what you’re doing or where to eat and have the resources to eat great food on a regular basis. But I know what I like and how to cook for myself and what I got from Bourdain was that not all good food has to taste alike and look alike. That good food comes in all different forms made from all different types of people in different countries.

The other thing that I got from Bourdain which I already knew, but hopefully now millions of other Americans and people outside of America hopefully also know, is that it isn’t okay to be yourself, but that being yourself is the only person you should be. Because you’re the only person you know really well. When you try to be someone other than yourself especially a famous celebrity that you look up to, all you’re doing is acting. And I realize some people do that for a living and even do it on so-called reality TV. But the non-reality actors are professional actors. And when everyone else tries to be someone other than them self, they’re not only not just actors, but now they’re amateurs and amateurs actors.

In a country and world where so many people especially young people feel the need to be like their favorite celebrity and in many cases reality star, Tony Bourdain taught so many people how to be themselves and why they should always be them self. He taught us about individualism and how to be an individual. I think Ayn Rand would’ve loved Anthony Bourdain even if was just for that reason. And if you don’t like yourself, maybe it’s because you have character issues, or you suffer from low self-esteem, which is something that perhaps Bourdain also had issues with.

But that we’re the only person we know really well and the only person where we always know what we’re thinking and what we know. And when we try to be someone other than ourself, we’re just pretending. Anthony Bourdain’s belief in individualism and his ability to bring different people together with food and culture, is what I’m going to miss about him.

Inside Edition: Ali Rosen- Legendary Chef and Traveler Anthony Bourdain Dies at 61


Theodore Roosevelt: Make The Best of Things and Life


Source: The Quotes

Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

I’m not a big fan at least of the Tremors genre, series of Tremors movies from the 1990s with people like Kevin Bacon, Michael Gross, Fred Ward, and others. But the Tremors Aftershocks movie from 1996 is a very funny movie. Mostly because of Mike Gross, Fred Ward, Chris Gartlin who plays Fred Ward’s partner.

And Mike Gross has this line in the movie where he’s just nailed a bunch of these creatures that were trying to catch these people in the capital of nowhere in Mexico, with one of his big weapons and he destroys several of them with his big rocket launcher or whatever it was. And his partners come up and congratulate him on that and are very excited. With the Gross character simply just saying, “doing what I can, with what I got.” Now, I don’t know if this guy is a big fan of Teddy Roosevelt or not, but that is what TR is saying with this quote.

I believe there are three kinds of people in life and these three character types have other aspects about them as well, but we all fit into one of these three categories.

The doer, the bum, and the bitch. And I don’t mean bitch in the sense of female dog, but someone who is always complaining and seems to be happier when they have something to complain about instead of something positive that is positive about them.

The doer is Teddy Roosevelt. This is the situation, this is what can be done about it and this is what needs to be done about it. And then makes the best with it with what they have to work with.

The bum, is always stuck in neutral, perhaps too afraid to take any risks and as a result doesn’t move forward or backwards, because they never take any risks and make any investments with their time, energy, and other resources that they may have. The bum is sort of the opposite of a Progressive like TR, or a Regressive. The bum doesn’t progress or even conserves, they just stay where they are. At least Conservatives like Barry Goldwater and Robert Taft, conserve and protect what they cherish and value. The bum doesn’t even do that, because they believe if they try to protect and conserve what they have, that will require effort and risk and might lose everything as a result.

The bitch is always in a bad mood. On a July Fourth parade, they’ll spot the only cloud in the sky on a hot 90-95 degree day and that cloud will turn into a hurricane of rain. Their team wins the Super Bowl and they’ll complain about the six penalties and two turnovers that their team committed and just focus on that. And actually get no satisfaction from actually winning the Super Bowl. Imagine having a bitch as a Boston Red Sox fan in 2004 when they Red Sox won their first World Series since 1918. Instead of focusing on the fact that the Red Sox just won their first World Series since 1918, when Teddy Roosevelt still had some political power, the bitch wonders why the Red Sox were down 3-0 to the New York Yankees in the ALCS and just focuses on that instead. How would you like to have a bitch as your campaign manager on Election Night and you’r supposed to be ahead by 10 points in the polls.

Life is exactly that and when you over promise or think things are better than they are, you only set yourself up for big disappointments. Because you stop doing your homework and the work that you did that got you to the point where you are. And on the other side if you always believe things are worst than they are, they always will be at least to you. And you won’t do the work and put in the effort to make things as good as possible for yourself and the people you care about, because you’ll believe what’s the point. Life sucks in your ant size mind. And the person stuck in neural will only go as far in life as car stuck in neutral or that is out of gas. Because they won’t make any real investments and take risks. That old saying you only get out of life what you put into it.

But the doer is a realist and always has the best available information around them and knows what to do with it which is why they’re successful. The doer knows how much money they have and exactly what they can get out of that money, because they know what they need and who much everything costs and spends their money based on those factors. But also knows how to advance their wealth both financially and personally, because again they always have the best available information and made themselves into the best person that they can be. They’re doers, they’re Progressives, they progress and move forward in life.

Life is not fair or unfair, generally and even if people have screwed you, you always have the opportunity and ability to recover from that and even move forward. But only if you progress and make the best out of your situation in life and the best out of yourself. Instead of waiting for positive things to happen to you, or not having the balls frankly to take any risks in life. Life is about risk versus reward and calculating those things together to see where you can go. Not sitting around and waiting for things to happen. Or living in a cloud because you think life is too tough.