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Crash Course: John Green- Progressive Presidents: U.S. History


Source: Crash Course

Source: Crash Course: John Green- Progressive Presidents: U.S. History

Once again talking about Progressives and progressivism and once again I feel the need to define progressivism and separate it from Liberals and liberalism and Socialists and socialism, regardless of whatever socialist faction you’re talking about.

Progressives are people who believe in progress through government action. That is basic, simplest, and best definition of it. Progressives are the least ideological of all the political factions and the most practical. You have Progressives on the Center-left like Teddy Roosevelt and Progressives on the Center-Right like Newt Gingrich. Unlike lets say Socialists way over on the Left ( to be kind ) who believe that government should try to do practically everything for everybody. Even if they believe private enterprise and capitalism should still exist and aren’t Marxists. Like Senator Bernie Sanders today.

Or people like Libertarians who believe that government should do practically nothing and only the most mainstream of Libertarians today believe that government should even be policing the streets, protecting the borders, defending the country, and even managing the currency. But Libertarians like former Representative Ron Paul, believe that government should at least be doing these things.

You have Progressives who believe in a strong but limited public social safety net, workers rights, equal rights for all Americans, but who are also strong anti-Communists and are against authoritarianism of all forms including socialist dictatorships. And believe in a strong national defense and social security. Even limiting deficit spending especially when the economy is strong like President Lyndon Johnson. So, Progressives aren’t the people you see today who want tax hikes on everyone and all sorts of new government programs for the people, while slashing the defense budget and trying to censor everyone they disagree with and labeling all of those people as bigots.

The Progressive President’s in American history at least in the 20th Century and in the 21st Century so far, are President Theodore Roosevelt, President Woodrow Wilson, President Franklin Roosevelt, President Harry Truman, President Lyndon Johnson, and President Barack Obama. You could even argue that President Dwight Eisenhower and President Richard Nixon, were Progressives but coming from the Right, especially when it came to economic and foreign policy.

President Theodore Roosevelt, gave us the regulatory state to protect workers and consumer from predators, but not to run private business thorough government.

President Woodrow Wilson, gave us the progressive income tax and the Federal Reserve. As well as defeat authoritarianism in Europe during World War I.

President Franklin Roosevelt, gave us the New Deal which is the creation of the American safety net, as well as defeat Nazi Germany during World War II.

President Harry Truman, put the finishing touches ( so to speak ) on Germany and Japan during World War II. As long as create the national security state which went a long way in defeating Communist Russia during the Cold War. He also fought for but was unsuccessful in passing his Fair Deal agenda in Congress which would’ve been an expansion of the New Deal.

President Lyndon Johnson, gave us the Great Society which was an expansion of the New Deal with more public assistance to try to combat poverty in America. He also gave us the civil rights laws of the 1960s that gave African-Americans and really all Americans, the right under statue not to be discriminated against based on race, ethnicity, gender, or religion. As well as the right to vote for all American including African-Americans.

President Barack Obama, gave us the Affordable Care Act, which means all Americans are eligible for health insurance and that people who are too wealthy for Medicaid, but can’t afford private health insurance, are eligible for subsidies to help them pay for health insurance. As well as an expansion of the regulatory state with how Wall Street does business in response to the economic crash of 2008.

Progressives aren’t interested in creating a national government so big that state and local government’s become practically irrelevant because so much power is centralized with the national government and government becomes so big that people no longer have to make personal and economic decisions for themselves. And even be able to speak or think for themselves. Progressives aren’t Communists but instead are anti-Communists. They just want everybody to be able to succeed in society and believe that government has a limited role in seeing that everyone can be successful. Which is what these Progressive President’s believed in.


HBO: Real Time With Bill Maher- New Rule: What if Barack Obama Said It?


Real Time With Bill Maher 

Source: This piece was originally posted at The Daily Review

Just to at least sound serious for a minute. The reasons why the Republican Party are holding Donald Trump to a lower standard and perhaps low standard is not the right term and no standard at all would be more accurate, is because they weren’t expecting Donald Trump to be President.

And having to deal with President Trump’s narcissism, inexperience, immaturity, irresponsibility, lack of intelligence (at least when it comes to public affairs) , etc, and I could go on but it’s Saturday and I don’t want to spend my whole day on this. But having to deal with all of Donald Trump’s personal weaknesses like they were producers of a so-called reality TV show having to deal with an inexperienced, irresponsible cast that believes the whole world revolves around them and they are now the latest hot pop culture celebrity.

The GOP was expecting to Hillary Clinton to not only be the next President right now, but for her to defeat Donald Trump going away not just in the popular vote, but in the Electoral College as well. And that the GOP would hold the House, but perhaps Democrats would win back the Senate. And that the GOP would be spending the next two years trying to obstruct and investigate the Clinton Administration, but not having to actually govern themselves.

The other reason except for the Russia investigation where there’s a consensus both in the House and Senate with both parties, that this is a real investigation and that Congress and Special Counsel Robert Mueller should be investigating this and that President Trump shouldn’t be able to fire Bob Mueller simply simply because he might be investigating not just the 2016 Trump Campaign but the White House as well, is because they’re now in bed with Donald Trump and his administration politically. I realize the Washington GOP and Donald Trump are not natural bedmates. Sort of like a top model trying to sleep with a serial killer with hair all over his back and chest who belches as a form of communication.

But for the Republican Party to accomplish anything politically and on policy in 2017-18 before the Congressional mid-terms, they’re going to need a functioning Trump White House and administration to accomplish those things. That is at least popular enough for them pass their agenda. Both the GOP Congress and the Trump Administration, have similar policy agendas and are close enough to work together. For the GOP to at least hold the House and have no real risk of losing the Senate next year, they’re going to have to govern and govern successfully. And they’re going to have to work with the Trump White House to do that.

I mean if the House GOP and the Senate GOP abandons President Donald Trump and says they can’t work with the White House for laundry’s list worth of reasons and I’ve already mentioned several of them and being a potential puppet that was bought by President Vladimir Putin and Russia, would be another one and instead tries to work with House Democrats and Senate Democrats on issues like health care, infrastructure, tax reform, and tells the White House if President Donald Trump that if he vetoes their legislation they’ll just override his vetoes with help of House Democrats and Senate Democrats, because now the House and Senate have these huge majorities on their legislation, because everything they’re doing now has bipartisan support, what incentive would Trump voters and the Tea Party have to vote for Congressional Republican and candidates next year? Republicans would be labeled as RINOS. (Republicans in name only)

The Republican Party is now in a damned if they do, damned if they don’t situation. They’re damned if they stick with Trump (sounds like a campaign sticker) because if he goes down and has no popularity that he can use to govern and Americans aren’t listening to him, Republicans won’t be able to pass anything meaningful out of Congress, at least on their own. And as a result will depress their base and ignite the Democratic base and at the very least lose the House next year and might lose north of 40 seats as well. And perhaps lose the Senate as well.

If the GOP sticks with Trump and his popularity continues to slides or even holds between 33-38%, but because of his bad behavior and what comes out of the Russian investigation, that the Republican Congress is also divided and can’t work with each other and Congressional Democrats have no political incentive to work with Republicans, because they want to at least win back the House in 2018, the Congressional GOP will go down and we’ll have a new Congress in 2019 with Democrats controlling at least the House.

I agree with Bill Maher about the Republican hypocrisy when it comes to Donald Trump.

Had Barack Obama said that John McCain a Vietnam POW wasn’t a war hero, they would’ve called him an agent of the Communist Party of Vietnam. And perhaps the Birthers would then say that Barack Obama is from Vietnam instead of Kenya.

Had Barack said that he openly grabbed women’s pussies in public, Sean Hannity and many others on the Tea Party right would have said that Barack belongs in prison and called him a serial rapist from the ghetto or someplace.

If President Obama had taken as much time off for vacation at this point in his administration, the Tea Party and others would have labeled President Obama as a lazy bum from the hood who wasn’t raised right. And I could go on but I’ll spare you.

And I’m not trying to excuse the GOP’s double standard for Donald Trump, because their hypocrisy is obvious and disgusting. And just trying to explain it in political terms and what they believe they can achieve with a Donald Trump in the White House and how bad a hand they have with him. And they’ve decided that sticking with him at all costs is the best decision they can make right now.

HBO: Real Time With Bill Maher- New Rule: What If Barack Obama Said It?

CNN: Inside Politics- President Obama and President-Elect Trump, React to The Death of Fidel Castro: The Legacy of Cuba’s Communist Dictator


Source: CNN: Inside Politics- President Obama & President-Elect Trump, React to The Death of Fidel Castro

I’m not going to say I’m surprised that President Obama didn’t hit Fidel Castro harder and point out President Castro’s ruthless authoritarianism and dictatorial rule over Cuba for the almost fifty-years that he was in power there. Because President Obama has gone out-of-his-way many time to appease the Far-Left in America who at the vert least respect and admire Fidel Castro. They don’t see communism as a bad thing and instead see it as misunderstood or misapplied in many countries. But when you’re down to your last three months as President of the United States and you’re never going to run for office again, now might be the time to say, “the hell with what my fringe believes and says. I’m going to say what I think and just speak the truth. Damn who might it offend.” But that is not Barack Obama, at least when it comes to his own base.

Donald Trump on the other hand, who I rarely agree with on anything and voted against him and for Hillary Clinton, nailed it. When he called Fidel a brutal dictator. The Castro Regime has locked of thousands if not millions of Cubans simply for speaking out against the Castro Regime, the Cuban Communist State. And with their Marxist takeover of the Cuban economy, they’ve imprisoned millions of Cubans in jail and poverty, because government’s can’t run economy well on their own, because of how inefficient and unproductive state-run industries are. When democracy and capitalism, came to Central America, the Caribbean and South America, in the 1990s Cuba was left as the only Marxist state in the America’s. Thanks to one man, Fidel Castro.

What President Obama could’ve done was give a strong statement about how horrible Fidel Castro was. While at the same time speaking to the Cuban people directly and talking about their courage and saying now they have an opportunity to move past Castro Communism and join the civilized developed world and have a real relationship with America that could lead to prosperity in Cuba. Criticize Fidel while at the same time praising the Cuban people. Because Fidel Castro at least since the end of the Cold War when Russia was no longer able to subsidize the Castro Regime, hasn’t been very popular in his own country. This was aa missed opportunity for President Obama.