Libertarianism.Org: Opinion: George H. Smith: The Philosophy of Independence

Our Founding Liberals

Our Founding Liberals

Libertarianism.Org: Opinion: George H. Smith: The Philosophy of The Declaration of Independence

“We hold these truths to self-evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed but their Creator with certain unalienable rights. That among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Al men are created equal and I know today’s so-called Progressives, who are really Social Democrats, or just pure Socialists, are going to say that our Founding Fathers, our Founding Liberals didn’t mean for that to apply to all Americans and everyone. But all men, they’re not talking about Englishmen, who were probably the dominant population in America back then, at least ethnically. They said all men, which has been interpreted and correctly so to apply to all women as well.

The United States, is the oldest liberal democracy in the world. We have the most liberal and the oldest liberal Constitution in the world. Even if our Founding Liberals, only meant our basic human rights to apply to Englishmen, European men and Caucasian men, the fact that they said all men means it applies to everyone. They wanted to escape from a big centralized dictatorial big government rule, that was coming from Britain and create their own liberal democracy. That was built around individual freedom and equality. A limited responsible government to do for the people what we can’t and the states can’t do for us.

That is why we have the Constitution and Bill of Rights. That is why we have Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Assemble, Freedom of Religion, to practice, or not practice the religion of our choice, the Right to Self Defense, Right to Privacy, our property rights, the Right to Life and the Pursuit of Happiness, Equal Protection Under Law for all Americans. We wouldn’t have gotten these things had we stayed part of the United Kingdom. The fact that we broke away from them and created this Federal Republic called America and this great liberal democracy with all the freedom that we have, is how we have all the individual freedom that we have.

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Slate: Opinion: William Saletan: Is Polygamy Next After Gay Marriage? Chief Justice John Roberts Says Yes

Chief Justice John Roberts
Slate: Opinion: William Saletan: Is Polygamy Next After Gay Marriage? Chief Justice Roberts’ Obergefell Dissent Says Yes

Just to be clear, I don’t think there’s a good case against polygamy. At least one that I’ve seen that would say, “you know what, polygamy is a bad thing. To the point that it should be illegal.” And what I would say against polygamy, is that if you want to redefine marriage in America, even in a consenting polygamist relationship, legalize polygamy and call it marriage. Gay marriage, doesn’t redefine marriage. Up until the last ten years, or so marriage has always been between a man and a women, but there wasn’t any official definition of marriage. Other than it always involved two consenting adults who agreed to marry each other. Legalize polygamy, would certainly change that.

As a Liberal myself, if three people lets say want to be involved in a polygamist relationship and they all know about that, that’s their business. And why should big government be able to interfere with that. But just don’t call it marriage, because we’re not talking about two parties involved, but at least three. To give you a hypothetical, if Joe Jones, wants to marry Mary Smith and Sally Wilson at the same time, or he’s already married to Mary and wants to stay married to Mary, but wants to marry Sally and Sally wants to marry Joe and Sally knows that Joe is already married to Mary and doesn’t have a problem with that and Mary doesn’t mind Joe being married to Sally, as well and perhaps is even attracted to Sally, then that’s their business. Not big government’s. It’s not the job of government to run people’s lives for them.

I would never be involved in a polygamist relationship, at least one that I know about. But there a lot of things that I don’t personally approve of, including homosexuality as a straight man. But just because I don’t personally approve of something that doesn’t affect me and has nothing to do with my life and how I live, why should I or government be able to tell others that you can’t live differently, because we don’t approve. Gay marriage, doesn’t redefine marriage, at least not officially, but polygamy would. So legalize polygamy, sure, as long as all parties involved approve and are aware of the extra relationship, or relationships involved. But just don’t call it marriage, because its polygamy. Which is different.

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Thom Hartmann: Video: Caller: We Need to Repeal The 2nd Amendment!


Thom Hartmann and even the caller to a certain extent, even though he called for repealing the 2nd Amendment, actually sounded reasonable here. Look, I’m for what I and probably most Democrats call sensible gun control, or commonsense gun control. And what is that? We know who buys and has guns in America. If you’re not a criminal and not mentally handicapped in anyway and are lets say 18 or over, you could own as many guns as you want from gifts and purchases. But if you had history of violence, especially towards innocent people, whether its criminal violence, or you’re mentally handicapped and you don’t know what you’re doing, you don’t have that right. Thats all I’m talking about.

And you did a national independent non-partisan poll, lets say from Gallup, or some place like that, you would get probably 3-5 of the vote in favor of a system like that. Before you buy a gun, or receive one as a gift, you go through a 24 hour background check. You pass that and you get, or keep your gun. You don’t pass that and you don’t. We don’t need to repeal the 2nd Amendment to accomplish that. We need a solid majority in Congress, both House and Senate that believes in commonsense and doing things like this. That also believe mental health care is as important as physical health care. That we fully fund mental health care in America. And we could do that simply through the insurance system. And stop releasing mentally handicapped people, because we can’t afford to take care of them.

And we also don’t need big government coming in and saying that firearms are only for, well big government. Other developed democratic free countries, may not have the Right to Self-Defense. But those countries also allow for their citizens to own firearms. But they also have commonsense gun control policies, to keep guns away from violent criminals. And allow for their responsible law-biding people to own and use firearms. Just as long as they aren’t shooting innocent people. We could do that in America, while keeping our 2nd Amendment in place and electing a responsible commonsense Congress and replacing just one of the Supreme Court Justices, that see the 2nd Amendment as absolute. While they compromise on the rest of our constitutional rights.
We The People

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Eagle Forum: Blog: Phyllis Schlafly: Getting Straight Talk On Immigration

Ann Coulter
Eagle Forum: Blog: Phyllis Schlafly: Getting Straight Talk On Immigration

No, this is not the Ann Coulter Report, or the Ann Coulter Blog. If it was, I would be a workaholic, dedicated to the life and career of Ann Coulter and probably be a Red Bull and Starbucks addict, in order to have the energy to do that. But intentionally I believe, she has the ability to get the attention of everyone who disagrees with her on most of the issues. Which is probably 80-90% of the country. Her latest book on immigration reform, where similar to Pat Buchanan and Ann, is just as Far-Right and perhaps even further Right than Pat, on foreign policy, where they both argue that Latino immigration is destroying America, is a perfect example of that.

Neoconservatives in America, are in love with the 1950s. Actually go back to the 1920s, or even further back than that before women could vote in America. And they believe America has become like Europe economically and culturally. Even though America takes in a lot more immigrants than Europe every year. Which is why our population is growing and they are shrinking. As well as our economy being much stronger than Europe’s since the Great Recession. Neoconservatives in America, who tend not just to be Caucasian, but Anglo-Saxon as well and whose family came from Britain, tend to see Americans who don’t look, talk, think and live their lives as they do, as Un-American.

The Far-Right, being against immigration is nothing new. They were against the Poles and other Slavs, immigrating to America, as well as the Italians, Jews and Irish, in the early 1900s, because these ethnic groups look different from Anglos and practice a different religion. So why would Latinos, who in most cases ancestors originally came from Europe, in Spain, be any different. Ann Coulter, will probably make a lot of money on her book, even from people who want to see how far out and off based she is. As well as from people who are dumb enough to take her seriously and agree with her. But her book won’t change the political situation. Most Americans, including the conservative Chamber of Commerce, are comfortable with people of other races and ethnicities now.

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Oxford Union: Video: Bill Maher Full Q&A


Bill Maher, I would describe politically as a Socialist-Liberal. Liberal, on personal and social issues, especially freedom of speech. Where he puts basically no limits on it. And neither do I really, other than libel, harassment and inciting violence. But, he’s pretty Far-Left on economic policy and consistently endorses big government socialism and higher taxes on everyone, to pay for new government social spending. And says that government should take over this and that and education is one of his examples. And he’s in favor of a maximum income and other big government socialist policies. And that America, should be like Europe, perhaps across the board.

But when it comes to especially free speech issues and the right to offend, especially when he’s right, I’ve backed him on every single so-called controversy that he’s brought to himself in the last year. As Maher says, he’s the real Liberal when it comes to talking about religion and talking about what he doesn’t like about it. But what separates Maher from lets say Ben Affleck, or Salon, or the AlterNet, or some other Far-Left publication, is that Maher when he criticizes religion, just doesn’t pick on Christianity. The Far-Left, picks on Christianity, because they see it as a redneck religion, that only Southern rural Caucasians follow.

The Far-Left, won’t at least openly criticize any non-Caucasian, especially women and any non-Western religion, because they see that as bigotry, or at least that’s what they say. And what separates a Bill Maher, or Sam Harris, from Ben Affleck and his followers, is that Maher and Harris criticize religion and people that they disagree with and have serious issues with. Regardless of their religion and ethnicity, or race. But again to the Far-Left, the fake liberals on the Left, any criticism of non-Christians, non-Jews, non-Caucasians, people of non-Western descent, is considered bigotry to them. Where Bill Maher as a social Liberal lets say, believes in Free Speech. And that means the right to speak freely, even if you offend people. Especially when you’re right.
Bill Maher

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The Week: Opinion: Peter Weber: How The Democrats Became The New Party of Liberty

President Barack Obama
The Week: Opinion: Peter Weber: How The Democrats Became The New Party of Liberty

To start off with a cliché and hopefully this will be my last one in this piece, (no promises) but how times have changed. Instead of the Republicans and so-called Conservatives talking about the need and the importance of freedom in America, Democrats are not only doing that, but actually pushing policies to accomplish that.

It started in May, when House Republicans thanks to members of their own caucus and the Democratic Caucus, didn’t have the votes to reauthorize the Patriot Act. Because of privacy and personal freedom issues that both caucus’s had with the bill. So, with House Democrats and Republicans actually working together for a change, they pass the USA Freedom Act. Which has stronger privacy protections in it, that eventually passed the Senate. But with mostly Senate Democratic votes, after Senate Republicans let the Patriot Act expire, because they didn’t have the votes for it.

June, has been perhaps the biggest month at least in the Obama Administration, for personal freedom at least and perhaps even economic freedom. Congress, with the House dragging the Senate along, passes the USA Freedom Act, that President Obama was happy to sign. Last week, the Affordable Care Act, gets held up again. Which means Americans won’t lose their health insurance, simply because they get sick and actually need what they paid into. Working class Americans, who make too much money to qualify for Medicaid, but not enough to pay for private health insurance, won’t lose their health insurance subsidy, because they live in the wrong state. Because of the Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling, gays can’t be denied marriage, simply because they’re gay and not straight. Or they live in the wrong state.

Americans, are moving against the War on Drugs and are open to marijuana legalization and against over incarceration. Support comprehensive immigration reform and don’t see non-European immigrants as some threat to America and American values. As I blogged last week, prostitution, will become the next Culture War issue. As more Americans become familiar with that and ask why are we locking up people for having consensual sex between adults, even if money is involved. Even if financial transactions are involved. Which again, goes to over incarceration in America. And something that young Democrats, will support legalizing.

By in large, I’m happy as a Liberal Democrat with where my party is on both economic policy and social policy. We’re becoming the party of both personal and economic freedom. We just want that freedom to be available to everyone and not see people denied access, simply because of their complexion, race, ethnicity, gender, or even sexuality. We do have a growing big government wing in the party, that Salon, the new The New Republic and others support everyday. That publishes pieces that question both personal and economic freedom. Which no real Liberal would and they support political correctness, in defense of people who aren’t Caucasian and Christian. And they support the nanny state and higher taxes on the middle class. And more bigger centralized government in America.

But by in large, if you look at especially where young Americans are when it comes to the so-called Culture War and these personal freedom personal choice issues and that they tend not to be fans of big government involved in our personal economic affairs as well, Democrats at least at the leadership level, tend to be with these voters. Which is how someone like Barack Obama wins North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio and Indiana in 2008 an wins Florida and Virginia again in 2012. Because these voters tend to agree with President Obama on these key social issues and using government to empower people, not take care of them. As Republicans bash big government when it comes to economic policy and promote it when it comes to social policy.

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Pot-TV: Opinion: Andrew Bernstein: The Case For Ending Drug Prohibition

Andrew Bernstein
Pot-TV: Opinion: Andrew Bernstein: The Case For Ending Drug Prohibition

I mostly agree with Andrew Bernstein here and I disagree with him when it comes to full legalization. I’m not a Libertarian and that is just one example of why I wouldn’t legalize cocaine, heroin and meth. This idea that people who consume these drugs and lot of these users are addicted to these drugs and is why they still use them, that they’re only hurting themselves, is simply false.

Cocaine, heroin and meth, are a lot stronger than marijuana and alcohol and are very addictive. And when you get and stay on heroin, cocaine and meth, you’re not only devastating yourself physically, but its bad for our healthcare system with all the added costs to our emergency rooms. And it hurts our economy as well, because of the lack of productivity that comes from having workers on those narcotics. You legalize those drugs in America and we’ll see a lot more accidents on our roads and people making horrible decisions that hurt others. Simply because they don’t know what they’re doing, because they’re high.

So here’s what I would do. End the War on Drugs and even end drug prohibition. I want marijuana to be legal everywhere in America and taxed and regulated like alcohol. But with the current makeup of Congress and even with a Democratic President, that is not very likely right now. But what I believe Congress could do and President Obama and the U.S. Justice Department is already doing, is to stay the Feds won’t interfere in states that decide to legalize marijuana. And won’t prosecute marijuana cases that involve the simple possession, usage and selling of marijuana for adults in those states. Congress and the President, could make that official Federal policy going forward.

As far as cocaine, heroin and meth. Again, end the War on Drugs and end drug prohibition. But that’s not the same as legalizing those drugs. What I would say for people who choose to use those drugs, they would no longer face prosecution, jail, or prison time, for simply being under the influence and in possession of those drugs. But if they are just in possession of those drugs, they would be fined for the amount that they have. If they can’t pay it, they would work it off. If they’re caught under the influence, or are addicts, they’re looking at forced drug rehab, at their own expense. As well as continue to prosecute cocaine, heroin and meth dealers.

The War on Drugs, is a complete failure. The War on Iraq, looks like a brilliant military strategy and campaign in comparison. But just because the War on Drugs has failed, doesn’t mean we should make a colossal mistake in the opposite direction. We need a sensible narcotics policy in America, that supports personal freedom and choice, but at the same time also makes sense for our economic, health care, law enforcement and corrections systems.

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