David Von Pein: Video: Firing Line With William F. Buckley: Mark Lane on the Warren Report From December 1, 1966

Firing Line With William F. Buckley: Mark Lane on the Warren Report From December 1, 1966 – YouTube.

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It is now clear that the Warren Commission didn’t do a very good report and left many holes in their report. They didn’t look far enough into Lee Harvey Oswald or President Kennedy’s enemies on both the. Far-right and far-left in America who didn’t like the Kennedy Administration’s liberal positions on civil rights. Or social insurance programs or with the far-left. The fact that President Kennedy was a strong Cold Warrior and anti-communist.

But one thing the Warren Commission definitely got right was the fact that Lee Oswald shot and killed President Kennedy. I’m a hundred percent sure of that and yet to see anything that contradicts that. Lee Oswald had the means and access to shoot and kill the President of the United States and we know. He wanted President Kennedy dead but the question is was there a bigger conspiracy that involved more people in this plot or not.

It is clear that both the far-right and far-left in America at least and in Dallas, Texas alone wanted. President Kennedy dead and that the Kennedy security team didn’t have enough information on this. Or ignored important information about this and that because and on that alone President Kennedy. Should’ve never made this trip and these things didn’t come up during the Warren Commission.

Kennedy Assassination Theorist

Kennedy Assassination Theorist

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