PBS: Video: NewsHour: David Brooks & EJ Dionne on Ground Troops Debate

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When was the last time that Congress had big bipartisan votes on anything? Both the House and Senate overwhelmingly voting in favor of President Obama getting America involved in Syria and Iraq to defeat ISIS or ISIL, depending on how you define what Secretary of State John Kerry calls, “The Enemy of Islam”. The so-called Islamic group that wants to occupy the Levantine region of Arabia that includes both Iraq and Syria.

As far as Hillary Clinton in Iowa. I think it is pretty likely that Hillary Clinton will run for President in 2016 and perhaps will announce by the spring of 2015. Otherwise she doesn’t have much business being at Senator Tom Harkin’s political event last weekend. But as David Brooks and EJ Dionne pointed out, she won’t have an easy ride to the Democratic nomination. She’ll get pushed by both center and further Left Democrats to take hard stands on key issues in order to win the nomination.

As far as the battle for the U.S. Senate. Yeah Kansas is good news for Democrats this week. Because it means a popular Center-Left leaning Independent will be the main challenger to a very unpopular Republican Senator Pat Roberts in November. But as I’ve been talking about for months now, Kansas is not the only problem and thing that could keep Republicans from winning back the Senate in November. They are still defending Georgia and Kentucky where the Democratic challengers are running very strong. Tied in Kentucky against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Senate Republicans will may have to hold all three of these states in order to win back the Senate.
U.S. Congress

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Dot Dotkins: Video: ESPN: AWA 1985: Curt Hennig vs. Nick Bockwinkel, From Winnipeg, Manitoba

Mr. Beverly Hills

Mr. Beverly Hills

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Curt Hennig and Nick Bockwinkel, two of the best pound for pound pro wrestlers of all-time. I first got into AWA pro wrestling around 1987 or 88 when my parents finally got cable TV in the house. Curt Hennig was part of the World Wrestling Federation at that point. But Nick Bockwinkel the Ric Flair of the AWA, All Star Wrestling Association was still wrestling and winning championships in his early fifties at this point. And you can tell just by looking at him that he was in great shape. Still wrestling at two-hundred-fifty pounds of so and most of that being muscle.

Curt Hennig had his career cut somewhat short dying in the late 1990s or early 2000s, but someone who could do anything in the wrestling ring. He got bigger when he went into the WWF and WCW and wrestled at about two-fifty pounds or so, up from two-hundred thirty-five pounds from when he was in the AWA. But he was a classical wrestler who also had great athletic ability, strength and pure wrestling knowledge and intelligence. That made him a world champion several times.

Mr. Perfect

Mr. Perfect

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Helmer Reenberg: Video: Senator Edward Kennedy Interview From 1964

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Senator Ted Kennedy talking about the optimism of his older brother President John Kennedy. President Kennedy’s ability to inspire people and make them believe they can do things that they didn’t think they could do before. Which to me at least is the definition of an inspirational leader. Generally someone doesn’t need to be inspired to do things that they believe they can do and know they should do. Assuming they are responsible, because they just do those things.

President Kennedy inspired Americans to believe that we could put men on the moon and do it by the end of the 1960s, which is exactly what we did. That we didn’t have to go to war with the Soviet Union at least in a physical way because our ideas and form of government based on federalism and individual freedom was better. That all Americans under law and the Constitution are created equal and based that are entitled to equal rights under the law. We lost an amazing and incredible leader in Jack Kennedy and is someone who hasn’t been replaced since.
Senator Ted Kennedy

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CATO: Blog: Ilya Shapiro: ObamaCare’s Medicaid Expansion Violates Federalism

Va Organizing Medicaid Expansion Press Conf
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I would’ve gone farther to bring down healthcare costs with things like preventive care, taxing junk food and drink, getting junk food and drink out of public schools, encouraging people to eat healthy and exercise, mandatory physical education K-12 and other things. And I certainly didn’t like the Medicaid expansion that was in the ACA that wasn’t paid for. And that’s what I”m going to blog about.

Medicaid was set up in 1965 as part of the LBJ Great Society. To provide Health Insurance for low-income people who can’t afford it, sounds noble enough right. And that the Federal along with state governments would provide the funds to pay for it, another Federal mandate on the states. One problem with Medicaid has been the Feds haven’t lived up to their share of the costs of Medicaid that they wrote in their own law and as the cost of health care in America has gone up.

Health care costs have gone up since Medicaid was created in 1965, so has the States Medicaid costs. But the Federal Government, has not only not paid for their share of what they originally said they would pay for, but of course they haven’t been providing the funds to pay for the new Medicaid costs that the states have picked up as well. Which have been made worse the last ten years with state revenue shrinking with a couple of recessions and everything else.

What I would like to do with Medicaid is take it off both the Federal and state budgets. Allow each State to have their own Medicaid as well as healthcare system. And then turn Medicaid into a semi-private non-profit health insurer. With each State having their own version of Medicaid. And make Medicaid self-financed as well by their customers and employers, Unemployed workers would get an additional tax credit to go along with their public assistance check to cover their Medicaid insurance.

Low-income workers would pay for part of their Medicaid insurance. And their employer would cover the other part. And both the workers and employers would be eligible for a tax credit to cover that. And you could pay for that out of corporate welfare. As well as workers and employers could use that tax credit and opt out of Medicaid for private health insurance.

I got this rule that I like to use in life, before you create a new mess, clean up your first mess. Which is how I would describe Medicaid. It’s a Financial Mess, that no one wants to pay for. Because the money isn’t there, it has to come out of general revenue. And takes money out of other priorities. So before you expand something like that, you should first fix it.

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The Weekly Standard: Opinion: Daniel Halper: Newt Looking to Deliver Knockout Punch in Florida

Newt Gingrich, Callista Gingrich
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The Weekly Standard: Opinion: Daniel Halper: Newt Looking to Deliver Knockout Punch in Florida

I don’t see Newt Gingrich delivering a “knockout punch” in South Carolina for Florida, but with Speaker Gingrich’s overwhelmingly victory tonight in South Carolina, it does change the political landscape for the GOP presidential race. Last week we I guess, the political pundits, were talking about South Carolina as the state that Mitt Romney is going to wrap up the GOP nomination for President. Because he had a big clear victory in New Hampshire.

And all the momentum that Mitt needed to move on from there to get the GOP nomination and then move to concentrate on the President. Because Governor Romney was able to open up a big lead in South Carolina. So what happened, a few things. Newt has two great debates, Monday and Thursday nights last week. Mitt has a mediocre debate on Monday night and a bad debate Thursday night. Newt whips Mitt on the national stage where South Carolina is watching. Plus Mitt’s tax returns didn’t help as well.

My issues with Mitt Romney have always been with his honesty. Is he saying what he believes or what he thinks we want to hear. I believe Mitt is running for President for the right reasons. He believes America is in trouble etc and wants to help. And that his career in corporate America and experience can fix the problems. But Mitt has gone about it the wrong way, his whole strategy seems to be is to say “what it takes to get the job and then when you get the job” do what you think is right”.

That campaign strategy just doesn’t work in American politics. He just doesn’t seem to have a message of other, than he’s the best person for the job. But what he doesn’t understand, is to get the job you have to prove you’re the best candidate for it. And Newt has capitalized on Mitt’s weakness’s at least for this week. Newt Gingrich should have some momentum going into Florida. And if he does well in the Monday night debate, may take the lead or pull very close to Mitt Romney.

The Romney Campaign has already announced their strategy for taking down Newt and will have new attack ads focusing on Speaker Gingrich’s Speakership and leadership. And Newt is going to have to be prepared for that and be able to fight back against those political attacks and winning South Carolina should help the Gingrich Campaign with their fundraising. So Florida should be very interesting and as a political junky I’m looking forward to it.

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The New Republic: Opinion: William J. Dobson: A Victory For Democratic Foreign Policy

Osama Bin Laden
This post was originally posted at FRS FreeState on WordPress, May, 2011

The New Republic: Opinion: William J. Dobson: A Victory For Democratic Foreign Policy

I had just turned five years old and was in kindergarten when President Jimmy Carter left the White House in January in 1981. After losing reelection in a landslide to Ronald Reagan in November 1980. I remember President Carter being President for like a year or so and at least hearing about the 1980 presidential election when they were happening. Jimmy Carter I believe in many ways is a very impressive and intelligent man.

And I believe the best Ex-President America has ever had, especially with what the Carter Center has done around the World on human rights. His intelligence and morality even came through while he was President with what he tried to do and was successful to a certain extent on energy policy and even foreign policy. While attempting to get America off of foreign oil and with his success’s with the Panama Canal Treaty, recognizing the People’s Republic of China and the Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty.

But in some ways he was also a weak leader and I don’t say that with a smile on my face. Like many brilliant people, President Carter had and probably still does a great ability to analyze issues and the problems. But what he lacked was the ability to come up with answers to deal with the issues he and his Administration and the country faced. The economy and the Iranian Hostage Crisis being perfect examples of this.

When I look at President Obama’s presidency, I see similar characteristics to President Carter. Not be able many times to make decisions quickly, even if the right answer seems obvious. Like Libya such as, or being able to take tough stands on issues. Because I believe he’s more interested in not offending people and that’s what happens many times when you make tough decisions. Even if it’s the right thing to do and that’s why they are called tough decisions.

There’s rarely full agreement to do anything in America a country of 310M people. A lot of times there’s not even a consensus, so if Leaders want to get things done and make the right decisions. They have to risk offending people, including special interest groups that generally support you. Th reason why Barack Obama is not a 2nd Jimmy Carter, because even though it takes him a while a lot of times to get to the right decision. He eventually gets there.

Health care reform, Wall Street reform, the Bush tax cuts, the budget agreement and Libya are good examples of this. This past weekend when the President and his National Security Council were in the process of taking out Osama Bin Laden, the President displayed a new ability, the ability to make the right decision and to do it quickly. His NSC gave him the opportunity to take out the most important global serial murderer. And President Obama pulled the trigger and took him out and it made me proud that he’s my President and to be an american.

The Last Days of Osama Bin Laden – National Geographic Documentary – YouTube.

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Secular Talk: Video: FNC’s O’Reilly Factor: Representative Michele Bachmann’s Stupidity Baffles Bill O’Reilly

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Forget about what the guy in the video doing the commentary if you want to call it that. Michelle Bachmann in about two minutes perfectly laid out what is wrong with the GOP today. Which really should be called the NMP, the No Message Party because they do not have one. Which is common for an opposition party that only controls the lower chamber of Congress with a small majority at that and makes it difficult for them to push an agenda. Especially with no one brining them together and a party that is also very unpopular.

I almost fell asleep listening to Cathy McMorris-Rodgers response to President Obama’s State of the Union a couple of weeks ago and keep in mind I’m an insomniac and I do not fall asleep very often. But at least she had a point with her speech. With Michelle it is give her a topic and a question and she get’s two minutes to talk about whatever the hell she wants to. Unless the host has the balls to say, “you know what Representative Bachmann that is not what I asked you. Could you try to answer my question or just cuts her off completely”.

With Michelle Bachmann it is two minutes of, “I’m pro-American, apple pie, motherhood, peace and prosperity. When I’m not blowing things up that have nothing to do with nothing”. And her jumping around from topic to topic giving competing messages to the same issues. And being asked which one are you in favor of. With her saying well actually just giving new talking points about her issues.

Are you aware that Representative Bachmann serves on the House
Intelligence Committee. No seriously she does and just goes to show you that intelligence is not required to serve on the House Intelligence Committee and goes to show you why IQ tests should be required to serve on the Congressional intelligence committees both House and Senate. So we can have people who are actually smart enough to review the information they are given.

Bye bye Michelle after the 113th Congress. And good luck as the Mayor of Crazy Town.

Bye bye Michelle after the 113th Congress. And good luck as the Mayor of Crazy Town.

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