CBS News: Video: President Jimmy Carter on Hostage Crisis on Face The Nation

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I give President Jimmy Carter a lot of credit for all the time and effort that he put into seeing that the American hostages in Iran were brought home. Which includes the rescue attempt in the spring of 1980 even though that failed. But it should give you an idea how badly he wanted to see those hostages come home. But he was essentially in an impossible situation with the Iranian terrorists holding all of the cards. And with America looking and being somewhat weak militarily and economically at this point. It was going to be very difficult from the start for the Carter Administration to bring those hostages home in a timely matter.

Iranian Islamists


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Samuel Wilson: Video: CBS News: Ronald Reagan Debates Representative John Anderson For President, September 21, 1980

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It seems strange to me that President Jimmy Carter would turn down a chance to debate Ronald Reagan in 1980. Even with a third-party candidate like Representative John Anderson in the debate. Because Jimmy Carter was the underdog in this race even though the polls were close for most of the election. But with the situation of the country with the economy and the Iranian hostage situation with all of those Americans being held hostage in Iran and Russia on the march in Central Asia.

President Carter was the underdog in this election simply because of the situation of the country under his watch. And the fact that millions of Americans were looking for new leadership and taking a long look at Ron Reagan and perhaps even Representative Anderson. President Carter needed to take advantage of every opportunity that he had to convince Americans that he deserved another opportunity as President similar to George Bush in 1992 and he didn’t take that shot.

President Jimmy Carter


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CBS Sports: Report: John Breech: Oakland Raiders Owner Mark Davis Meets With San Antonio Officials: Possible Move?

Oakland Coliseum

CBS Sports: Report: Oakland Raiders Owner Mark Davis Meets With San Antonio Officials: Possible Move?

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I agree with the CBS Sports Network crew that the Raiders belong in Oakland and that San Antonio which is a solid sports market that could support a future NFL franchise would seem strange for the Raiders. With that being said the Oakland Coliseum or whatever the hell they call it now is not an NFL caliber football stadium. It is not an MLB caliber ballpark either and very soon the City of Oakland is going to have to step up and build two new stadiums. An NFL football stadium for the Raiders and an MLB ballpark for the Athletics or they’ll lose both of their great franchises. Two of the best franchises in all of pro sports.

So the City of Oakland has to decide do they want NFL football and MLB baseball or not. If the answer is yes the Coliseum needs to go and be replaced with either a football stadium or a baseball park. And then they need to look at downtown possibilities as far as building the other stadium. With the Athletics and Raiders staying at the Coliseum while their stadiums are being built. Otherwise we could see the Raiders back in Los Angeles or San Antonio and the Athletics headed to San Jose or Sacramento in the near future.

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Economic Policy Journal: Opinion: Michael Rozeff: “The Real Reason Why President Harry Truman Backed a Jewish State”

33rd President of the United States

Economic Policy Journal: Opinion: Michael Rozeff: The Real Reason Harry Truman Backed a Jewish State

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If you are going to say that President Harry Truman who is not only one of our best presidents, but perhaps our most honest president recognized the Jewish State of Israel for political considerations and the Jewish-American vote, then you need to back that up because that is a serious charge.

Jews were being murdered, genocide even in Europe mainly by the Nazi Germans. That is the main reason why the Jewish State of Israel was created and if President Truman was thinking “this could help me with the Jewish-American vote”, so be it because the man is a politician after all and all politicians weigh those considerations. But it doesn’t mean they make decisions simply based on if it can help them politically.

I kinda like the other idea that was considered apparently by President Truman about a united Federal Republic that could include both Palestinian-Arabs and Jews. Where there would be a United Federal Republic that would include what is the State of Israel and the Commonwealth of Palestine today. Palestine is not a independent nation right now, but they aren’t a province or state inside of Israel. They are somewhat independent inside of Israel without the full benefits of being an independent nation. But under this Federal Republic there would be a Jewish state and a Palestinian state inside of this Republic.

Under that type of system maybe Israeli’s and Palestinians aren’t fighting each other today except for the radical terrorists like Hamas. But instead living somewhat peacefully inside of this greater country with both states having autonomy over their own domestic affairs.

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CBS News: Video: President Gerald Ford Talks Ronald Reagan on Face The Nation in 1976

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President Gerald Ford trying to run as a Centrist in 1976 even though he had a pretty conservative in Congress as a Representative from Grand Rapids, Michigan and as House Minority Leader. And then had a pretty conservative record as President especially when it came to fiscal policy and taxes. But also as it related to foreign policy and national security. But Ronald Reagan saw President Ford as not tough enough when it came to Russia and foreign policy in general and was a basis for running against him in 1976.

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CBS News: Video: Governor Ronald Reagan Talks President Gerald Ford on Face The Nation in 1975

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I don’t have the exact date on this, but I believe this is early 1975. The year I’m sure of and it was just after Ronald Reagan left the California Governor’s Mansion as a two-term Governor of California. 1975 representing a new Congress with the next major national election being the 1976 presidential election. With the speculation in Washington being who was going to run for president. President Gerald Ford who inherited the job from President Richard Nixon in 1974 when President Nixon resigned. And would Ron Reagan run against the President or not in the Republican presidential primaries.


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AP: Raw Video: President Obama Chides House GOP For Lawsuit

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Barack Obama- The do nothing Republican House of Representatives.

I agree with the President when he says that House Republicans rather sue the President and try to go back in time and repeal legislation then do their jobs and address the issues of the country. Like fixing the Highway Trust Fund and that is just one example. But addressing the long-term infrastructure deficit in the country would be another one. That in the time they could’ve spent doing real things and making real contributions for their constituents, they’ve spent that time investigating things that are already known or currently already under investigation. Suing the President and going on recess and vacationing.


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