Wetlook Forever: Video: Best of Wet Jeans Girl, 2nd Edition

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Its hard not to get excited seeing a women this attractive and sexy in the lake dancing in the lake and seeing her get all of her clothes wet and good clothes to. Probably spent pretty good money on those tight denim jeans and doing these things for the pure entertainment of guys and I’m sure for the green paper as well that people use to pay their bills. Thank God for women like this to be willing to do these things in public for guys attention and post these videos publicly.

Another blog just for the pure pleasure of blogging seeing something on-line that gave me a bit of ride to the point that I wanted to post it which is what I’m doing here. And not to make some broader point about politics and life and what she done in the world and all of that. There are plenty of posts like that and sometimes bloggers and I’m one need to blog just for the pure fun of it and so we can let loose and not have to be so serious.
Wet Look

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John Kramer: NBC’s SNL Politics Reviewed: The Republican Presidential Candidates For 2012

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I can sum up the Republican presidential debates in several paragraphs or less, so I will. Mitt Romney- “vote for me because I can win” and his other slogan being, “if you’re for it so am I”. Newt Gingrich who I do take seriously as an intellectual until he says something that’s provocative. But then realizes its unpopular and tries to get away from it. As long as he doesn’t preach about moral values, “don’t do because I’ve done it and I know from personal experience.

That some of these activities in life, well take adultery to use as an example are simply personally wrong. Its wrong which is why you shouldn’t do it. (Even though I had a great time doing like having an affair with one of my staffers as Speaker of the House) When I was preaching about the moral decay of President Clinton”. Newt Gingrich won’t be up for Sainthood anytime soon, unless he pays to get in. And he is also unqualified to be a Monk, which may be why he’s stopped preaching about moral values.

You have a classical Libertarian in Ron Paul, who apparently walked into a Republican Party one day, thinking he was at a Libertarian Convention. And hasn’t found his way out of the Republican Party and is probably also unaware that he’s at a party that’s dominated by the Christian Right and Neoconservatives. And the Tea Party that at least part of them are in bed with the Religious Right and Neoconservatives. And are so warm there, that they can’t get out of bed. Then there’s John Huntsman and Gary Johnson who have no shot at the Republican nomination because they would both make excellent Liberal Democrats and they are both sane and that just aint going to cut it in today’s GOP.

I would mention Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann, but like I said I could sum up the Republican presidential debates in a few paragraphs or less. And since I’m not a politician or running for public office, I can stick with positions I’ve already made. Other to say that they are both American citizens, born in America and 35 or older. (At least as far as I know) And besides I have nothing to say nice about either of them. Other than maybe Senator Santorum who I’ll admit he’s one of the most honest politicians I know of. And that is a complement in todays politics, it’s just that he knows so much that isn’t true and actually believes in it.

Which would make Rick scary as a President and Michelle Bachmann just proves that even mental patients, even escaped mental patients are apparently qualified to run for President of the United States, or at least until they are recaptured. Rick Perry well when he decides what he believes and what his plans are for the country, I’ll take a look at his presidential campaign. The man keeps teleprompter’s in business by himself and with Herman Cain. Well his presidential campaign got suspended so now I would just be piling on. So what the hell, the man is not even qualified to pass a course on sexual harassment awareness. I’m not sure what the exact name for the course, I’ve never had to take it myself, let alone be President of the United States.

Thats the Republican presidential field of 2011-12, I know I’m thinking the same thing, “is that it”. Where’s Dwight Eisenhower, Barry Goldwater, Dick Nixon, Gerry Ford, Ron Reagan Bob Dole. The problem is those people don’t exist in the Republican Party anymore and wouldn’t get the nomination for President in today’s GOP. Because they wouldn’t be trusted by Religious or Neo Right which is the problem for Mitt Romney. Who twenty years ago would’ve fit in perfectly in the GOP but because of the new GOP he has to say things just to please to them and say different things to different audiences.
2012 Republican Presidential Candidates

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Orgasmic Potato: Video George Carlin: Honesty and Bill Clinton: Imagine Honest Politicians in America

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Americans all the time say they want their public officials to be honest. But let’s be real for a minute and then we can go back to the bullshit. When Public Officials are honest, they tend to get fired and what do public officials tend to care most about, again goes to being real? Their jobs, which is exactly why they say one thing to one crowd and another thing to another crowd. They are pro-gun control in big cities. And pro-2nd Amendment in rural areas. When they know they need the votes of both groups to get reelected.

But lets take a moment to look at what an honest world and political system would look like. And what it would look like if our public officials said whatever they wanted. Only spoke the truth at least to their best ability, remember our public officials are people to. (Shocking I know) So at least we believe, more educated than the general public, but just as capable of screwing up. Just look at their bad decisions and their political scandals. So remember they only spoke the truth and I’ll give you an example of what that would look like.

Imagine there’s a bill in the House or Senate that subsidize what’s called the Green Energy Industry. And lets says Sen. Jones lets call this Senator voted against the bill. And Sen. Jones also takes a lot of political contributions from the oil industry. And after the vote Sen. Jones is asked “why did you vote against the Clean Energy Act”? And Sen. Jones says “because I’m in the pocket of the oil industry. So far in I can’t get out”. Sen. Jones would probably get fired the next election and be fired not only because they were bought by special interests. But also for being honest.

To use another example lets say Sen. Smith up for reelection in Ohio lets say on the campaign trail. A voter who lives in lets say Cleveland, doesn’t like the congested traffic. And the fact their kids go to crumbling schools and would like to see more funding from the Federal Government. Along with his taxes cut because they are already too high. Sen. Smith being a supporter of infrastructure investment in the past, normally would try to help out his constituent Joe Wilson, but the problem is the country is facing a huge budget deficit.

And will be going through deficit reduction the next year and even though Sen. Smith is on the Appropriations Committee, knows that the money won’t be there for new infrastructure investment. And since he has to be honest, tells Mr. Wilson “I would love to help you, but we have a huge deficit issue and just passed a large tax hike in this Congress to deal with the federal deficit. And even though we’ve already raised your taxes, unless we do that again, raise the gas tax, I can’t get you new funding for roads and schools”. What would happen, Sen. Smith would lose the vote of Mr. Wilson but the votes of many others as well. And for what, for telling the truth.

Our political system is only as good as the people who are in it and our politicians are only as good as the people who vote for them. So if you want your politicians to be honest and represent you. You have to acknowledge that they are going to say things that you don’t like. A lot of times the truth hurts and if you can’t handle the truth as Jack Nicholson said, vote for the schmuck (and you’ll have plenty of choices) Who’s only interested in getting elected and reelected and leaving office making a lot of money. But if it’s a real person you want representing you, be prepared to hear things you don’t like.
Gloria Steinem

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HBO: Video: George Carlin: Stupid Bullshit: Imagine a World Without Stupid People

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Imagine a world without stupidity, hey that’s the title of this blog, well sort of, sometimes it helps to pay attention to what you are writing, but sometimes it can also cost you. Because you might think that “damn I’m a bad writer” and if you are wondering about the language? Well the title of this blog should’ve been a very big clue. Like the size of a dinosaur actually and if that’s still not big enough for you, then you are part of the stupid bullshit problem in America that’s holding us down.

But seriously imagine a world without stupid bullshit and as you are imagining that, imagine a world without Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, Michael Moore, Melissa Harris-Perry, to name some examples. You think a world without stupid people, well that could be big problem. Because who would we have to make fun of anymore. I thought of that and decided its a chance worth risking because. Of all the stupidity that would be moved to Siberia or some place in hell like that. As the smart people are now in charge.

Imagine a world where we had politicians and other public officials who actually knew what the hell they were doing. We wouldn’t go to war over bogus evidence because we would have a President and a National Security Council who actually knew how to read intelligence reports. We wouldn’t have a fiscal cliff because we would have a President and a Congress who would be smart enough not to put the country through that. We wouldn’t have a sequester because we wouldn’t have a President and a Congress who were smart enough not to cut things across the board.

Meaning cutting parts of government that we need as much as waste in government. You might think a world without stupid people would be a problem. Because we would have a Congress that actually knew what the hell they were doing and start being very productive as passing a lot of legislation and as a Liberal I generally believe more laws that are passed, the less freedom that we would have. But think about it this way, no more stupid people in Congress, House or Senate. And replaced by people who actually know how to write good legislation.

A world without stupid people would be a world with a no stupid zone. To sort of borrow Bill O’Reilly’s no spin zone and Billy wouldn’t be allowed in the no stupid zone because it would be a world without stupidity and things like intolerance, racism, homophobia. And other types of bigotry would be eliminated. Because all the stupid people would be rounded up because they wouldn’t have the same constitutional rights as smart people. And the stupid people would be sent to Siberia or some place and the smart people would rule the world.

Stupid Bullshit

Stupid Bullshit

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Washington Redskins: Video: Redskins Chronicles: 18 Plays, the Story of Super Bowl 22

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This game was really won on two plays. The two touchdown passes to WR’s Rickey Sanders and Gary Clark. The rest of it as we now know was a show between a dominant football team the Redskins in this game, against a good young football team but a team that was simply overmatched physically up front and not enough speed in the secondary in the Denver Broncos defense to cover three great fast wide receivers in Art Monk a Hall of Famer, Gary Clark who should be in the Hall of Fame and Rickey Sanders perhaps the best third WR in the NFL at this point.

This is a game that made a drug addict whose been a screw up most of his life as an adult, look like a great running back in RB Timmy Smith for the Redskins who only played in this game because Pro Bowl RB George Rogers who probably deserves consideration for the Hall of Fame as well, was not healthy because of a bad foot, but that is how dominant the Redskins offensive line was in this game. And how great they were most of the time going up against an overmatched undersized Denver Broncos front seven.

Going into this game it looked like a great matchup. The Broncos having the best young quarterback in the NFL if not the best QB of the era. Against a very good team on both sides of the ball, the Redskins. With not a lot of great players, but with a few great players and a lot of very good players. But the game was a mismatch because of how the Redskins dominated the Broncos up front on both sides of the ball once the Redskins figured out the Broncos offense and defense.

Redskins Beating the Damn NY Giants

Redskins Beating the Damn NY Giants

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Theoo 77: Video: MudBathing Girls: Beautiful, Sexy, Adorable, Thai Women Getting Wed in the Mud

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Generally speaking when I blog, I blog about things that I believe are important especially important stories that are happening right now that effect a lot of Americans generally, the country as a whole or even innocent people around the world. Like the economy or foreign policy, personal liberties, education, health care, threats to freedom from big government and people who want big government from the both the Left and Right.

And then there are times I write about things that interest me personally but perhaps aren’t getting much play in the broader media. Like a great movie that I just saw, like you saw on this blog on the weekend, or something I’m just thinking about that might be going on in my life or others lives. Like as they relate to speech and expression and people trying to quiet certain forms of speech and expression because it either offends them personally or people they care about.

But then there are times I simply blog for pure pressure like something I saw either at a ballgame, or a great song or music performance. A great trip I was on or a great bike ride and yes very sexy women especially when they are this adorable and could pass as teenage girls, or even younger if they wanted or needed to, but yet are also very sexy as you see in this video here. This post was simply posted for the pure pleasure of checking out these women in this video.

Dirty Girls

Dirty Girls

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Warner Vod: Video: Advise and Consent 1962 Trailer: A look at How the Presidential Nomination Process Works

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Advise and Consent was a movie about the presidential nomination process in the U.S. Senate and what presidential appointments are put through by senators both in the opposition, but also from senators who are at least inclined to vote for the nominee. Whether the nominee comes from their party or not. In this movie the party in power also has a majority of the Senate. But if you are familiar with American politics back in the 1960s, the parties back then weren’t always united ideologically. Which is one of the reasons why Henry Fonda who played the nominee for Secretary of State faced such a tough time.

This movie came out in 1962 and was based on current times and back then the Democratic Party controlled Congress as well as the White House, but had what was called a Southern Caucus made up of right-wing senators who didn’t vote with their Leadership on everything to put it mildly and would even vote with Senate Republicans to block legislation as well as presidential nominations from their own Leadership and this movie portrays that with Charles Laughton playing this Southern senator who was a right-winger and against his own President’s nomination for Secretary of State. Charles Laughton playing a character that reminds me of former Sen. Dick Russell of Georgia who was the Leader of the Southern Caucus in the 1960s.

Back in the early 1960s of course there wasn’t any cable TV or C-SPAN and Congress didn’t allow for broadcast media to broadcast what was going on in the House or Senate so a lot of Americans weren’t aware of even what the House and Senate looked like inside so this movie sort of opened that up for a lot of Americans. But Advise and Consent wasn’t just about the Senate nominating process as far as the Senate debating nominations there was a lot of inside Washington aspects of this movie of course, with the President played by Franchot Tote calling the Leader of the Senate played by Walter Pidgeon and then the Leader calling the Senate Minority Leader. To get and idea of how many Senate Republicans would vote for the nomination.

But there was also a look at what happened in Washington on the party scene, where members of Congress in both parties would get together, there was a playboy senator in the movie played by Peter Lawford who reminds me of Senator Jack Kennedy. There was a somewhat bored and lonely Vice President with not enough work to do, so he would spend his time actually presiding over the Senate played by Lew Ayers. Back then Vice President’s weren’t very powerful or important, of course that changed a long time ago where today they are basically the Chief Counsel of the Administration.

Advise and Consent was one of the first looks that Americans got to see in how the U.S. Senate operates and how they deal with the White House and how each caucus deals with each other and how the majority party deals with its own members and how the Senate Leader finds ways to get enough votes for the President’s nominations, as well as how Washington works. And is a very good movie, especially if you’re a political junky like myself, but an entertaining movie especially if you like dramas with great writing, cast and clever humor like myself as well.

Charles Laughton & Walter Pidgeon

Charles Laughton & Walter Pidgeon

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